Theresa May: Was she the ‘hunter’ or ‘HUNTED’ arriving at EU Summit with Brexit pressure?

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Theresa May, 61, is supposed to focus on fair jobs and growth in the European Union today in Sweden, but Brexit was predicted to overshadow talks even before the meeting began. 

As she arrived she spent a few moments speaking to some Swedish reporters, but proceeded to walk past the rest of the media. 

What did her arrival reveal about Mrs May’s confidence? Author and body language expert Judi James revealed her take to 

According to Judi, political leaders can sweep past the press in one of two body language styles – either they look hunted (i.e. evasive and scared to answer any killer questions) or they look like the hunter (i.e. so keen to get on with the important and urgent adult stuff that press chats will have to wait). 

Judi said: “Theresa May has been guilty of some weak-looking body language displays in previous negotiations with the EU so what does this latest sprint down the blue carpet tell us? 

“Thankfully the signs are that this was more ‘hunter’ then ‘hunted’.” 

Like Margaret Thatcher, May is at her feistiest when she walks like over-wound clockwork, said Judi. 

She added: “Thatcher’s fast walk made he look focused, determined and with a stomach and the energy to do battle and that look seems to be part of a selection of intentional gestures that May has brought with her on this current trip to Sweden. 

“Apart from a slightly anxious smoothing of her clothing once she was out of the car, May allows one interview before literally marching up the carpet and in to get down to business.” 

Theresa is barely visible during her interview but Judi said we can see enough clues of her delivery style as she talks to know she’s gone on the attack straight away. 

Judi said: “Her feet are splayed, signalling strength and status and her head-batons register determination. 

“The staccato bounce increases as she talks until it is even visible in her knee movements, suggesting she is making important points with emphasis.

“Even her greeting rituals with her host contain four very powerful signals of strength and control – she instigates the eye contact and holds it, she raises one hand up behind her host’s back as they shake in a truncated gesture of control, she is the one performing the gesticulation after they break hands and she is the one who ends the chat with some fast-nod metronomic gestures before walking off into the main room.”

But will all these intentional gestures be sustainable with the European big-hitters? 

Judi said: “May might have started strong in non-verbal terms but it will be fascinating to see if she’s primed to cope with some of the isolating playground techniques she’s been subjected to during previous get-togethers.”

Theresa May spoke at the Conservative Party conference in October, and the Prime Minister faced a tough time, suffering from a coughing fit and having to deal with a heckler – but what did her body language reveal?

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