Singapore Airlines to launch world's longest non-stop flight from Singapore to New York

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Singapore Airlines is to launch the longest non-stop flight from Changi Airport in Singapore to New York’s Newark Liberty International.

The 10,400 miles will take less than 19 hours, carrying just 161 passengers.

Despite there being no standard economy onboard due to the length of the flight, it will beat all current records for the duration of the journey.

The longest flight is currently held by Qatar Airways for their 17 hour 40-minute flight from New Zealand to Doha.

The newest long-haul flight comes at a cost with the cheapest tickets in Premium economy starting from £1,639.

Business class will start from £3,689, with the daily schedule to start after the first flight.

Those who are lucky enough to travel on the flight will be served a “wellness cuisine”.

It has been created by US wellness brand Canyon Ranch. Aimed to tackle jet lag on the long journey, this will include prawn ceviche, chicken and aubergine pasta and lemon cake.

Breakfasts will include eggs benedict, muffins, salmon and omelettes.

There will also be more than 1,200 hours of programmes to keep everyone entertained onboard with films and TV shows to watch.

Wi-fi is even available onboard although this comes at an additional cost.

Julian Bray, an aviation consultant, told the Daily Mail: “We will see longer flights.

“The next thing will be to see flights that go higher and faster.”

Singapore Airlines attempted the longest flight with non-stop travel between Singapore and Newark only to end it in 2013 following oil price increases.

But what is the difference between a non-stop flight and a direct flight?

A non-stop flight differs to a direct flight, which often confuses passengers.

Non-stop flights stay in the air for the entire journey, meaning they travel for the entire duration.

A direct flight, however, is a plane that is the same airline with the same flight number.

However, this could involve at least one stop in a country to refuel.

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