50p coins worth £1.5million: NHS, Battle of Hastings AND Sir Isaac Newton selling on eBay

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A 50p coin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the NHS in 1948 is selling for a fortune on eBay.

The unusual design, which went into circulation in 1998, features a pair of hands set against a pattern of radiating lines with the words “FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY” and the value “50 PENCE”, accompanied by the initials “NHS” which appear five times on the outer border.

Designed by David Cornell, 5,001,000 were minted, making them a desirable coin.

Seller ‘bigrob-is11’ is selling the NHS coin along with two other rare and valuable 50p pieces.

The Sir Isaac Newton, which entered circulation recently, is also being sold as part of the listing.

Only 375 of the coins were released initially at the place of Isaac Newton’s birth, Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire.

The coin was created to celebrate Isaac Newton, famed for being a maths and science pioneer, and interestingly, a member of the Royal Mint.

The Battle of Hastings 50p is the final coin making up the set.

The coin was released into circulation by Royal Mint in late 2016 and shows an image from the Bayeux tapestry, the 70-meter long cloth, which has served as a visual depiction of the battle for historians.

Website said in November 2016: “If you have one of these to hand or in your wallet, it could be sold for at least £50.”

However this eBay seller believes it is worth much more, and with 32 people watching the listing, he may be right.

Describing the listing, he wrote: “Very rare Battle of Hastings 50p coin and very rare NHS 50p and a very rare 2017 Sir Issac Newton 50p for sale offers welcome and any questions feel free to ask.” (sic)

50p coins are not the only ones selling for a mint on eBay, and two pound coins are worth looking at too.

One seller listed a Charles Dickens two pound coin for thousands on the site.

Seller ‘samcurnock’ wrote in the listing: “Incredibly rare Dickins £2.00 coin uk. Circulated.”

The Charles Dickens coin is a favourite of collectors, and there are not many available to buy on eBay.

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